maandag 26 april 2010


Spring is the period I spent on voluntary protecting meadow birds. It's a relaxing way of working and can perfectly be combined with photography. After a while you get used to the habits of the birds and so now and then it's possible to take pictures of the object really close. This photo was made in the last hour before sunset with a cloudy sky. No hard contrasts. The low angle, eye contact and a minimal DOF makes the photo worthwile.

Black-tailed godwit; Nikon D300 w. Sigma 300-800 @ 800mm; Av5.6 Tv1/50 iso400

vrijdag 26 februari 2010

He's back!

Certainly, a wish came true last weekend. A few years ago some beavers were setting out at Zuidlaardermeer. They supposed to be the leading ones to create a new population in the north of Holland. As this species is terrible shy it never crossed my mind I'll ever get a chance to take a good picture of this giant rodent. But that moment came faster then I expected. In a creek, miles away from Zuidlaardermeer, a presuming descendant has settled. Because of the frozen water, the beaver showed himself in the hole in the ice. So the only thing I had to do was waiting near a opening till the beaver showed up.
Beaver; Nikon D300 w. Sigma 300-800 @ 500mm; Av5.6 Tv1/80 iso800

dinsdag 1 december 2009

Looking for exotic places

Many birds in the Netherlands migrate to south. I can imagine as if the wheather becomes pretty inconvient. But for some species even Holland seems to be an exotic country, witness the fact that a Great northern diver is spending his time in a small dutch harbour near Harderwijk. So instead of travelling to Iceland or Greenland to photograph this bird, I had the opportunity to watch it a little bit closer at home.

Great northern diver; Nikon D300 w. Sigma 300-800; Av5.6 Tv1/320 iso640 manual

zondag 25 oktober 2009

In the clouds

Inspired by a new dutch naturewebsite nature-inspirations I tried to give my photos an original touch too. There're so many techniques to do so. Like playing with (back)light, depth of field (dof), different angles and so on.
To get this photo I used a low angle by lying down in the snow in combination with a wide aperture which created a minimal dof.

Turnstone; Canon 30D w. 500mm + 1.4 extender; Av6.3 Tv1/320 iso400

woensdag 2 september 2009


As shown by the previous and actual photo at my weblog, Bargerveen has much photogenic opportunities to record landscapes. A serene area, especially at dusk (or dawn), makes it a visit worth while.
It's one of the isolated places in Holland were there's hardly pollution of noise.
Rare species as Great grey shrike and Red-backed shrike are common visitors at Bargerveen. Even as a variety of insect and amphibians.

Bargerveen; Canon 30D w. 17-40mm @25mm; Av10 TV30" iso100 manual